Husbands In Training Logo Design
The following logo was created for a youtube channel. The client stated they would like the logo to be icon based, and to portray the idea of relationship building/uniting. It was determined to keep the color palette neutral for inclusion purposes. To view the real world application use the following link
Catalyst Coffee Bar Standards Manual
Mockups and Stationary
Terra: This local business logo was created using the shape builder tool in Illustrator. The letter "T" stands for Terra, outlined in the shape of a leaf. The lines represent the stripes left on a lawn after a fresh cut.
GIG: The name "gig" and the brand identity was an original concept created for a music subscription box service. The logo was created in Illustrator using Illustrator's shape builder and pathfinder tools. The layout of the business cards, web design, and mobile layouts were built in the InDesign program using a consistent look and feel.

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